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Thu, December 8
The Global Crisis
November 30 - December 6
BEYOND: 6th Romanian Film Festival NYC
November 15 - November 20
New European Literature: Ana Maria Sandu
November 14 - November 15
Ideological Storms
November 5 - November 10
Matei Visniec @ Arizona State University
November 3 - December 11
Thu, November 3
European Book Club: WASTED MORNING
October 21 - October 22
Matei Calinescu. Rereading Faces
Fri, October 21
Book Launch: Antonovici
October 13 - October 16
Romanian Comics at NY Comic Con
October 10 - November 19
2011 CEC Artslink
October 1 - October 2
Andrei Ujica: A Retrospective
Mon, September 26
Wedding in Bessarabia
September 23 - October 10
New Romanian Cinema series @ Jacob Burns
September 9 - December 20
The_Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu
September 2 - September 5
Crulic by Anca Damian at Telluride 2011
August 26 - September 1
Tales from the Golden Age opens in NYC
August 14 - August 22
MONDAY Theatre returns at NY Fringe
July 10 - July 24
The Andrei Serban Traveling Academy
June 29 - December 11
Cristi Puiu's AURORA opens in the U.S.
June 27 - June 28
Norman Manea: A Celebration
June 23 - June 26
EMINESCU: Recital Ion Caramitru
Tue, June 21
Theatre Breaking Borders
June 3 - June 12
RCINY celebrates 10 years of TIFF
May 25 - June 7
May 20 - May 22
4th Toronto-Romanian Film Festival
May 19 - June 25
Razvan Boar's First Solo Show in the US
May 15 - May 29
MOVING DIALOGUE travels to Romania
Fri, May 13
May 12 - May 20
Polanski, Polanski at Solonova Festival
Tue, May 10
On Romanian Comics w. Alex. Ciubotariu
Sat, May 7
I AM NOT LEGEND: Romanian Comics in NYC
Sat, April 30
Iulian Ciocan & Best European Fiction
Fri, April 29
Theatre Breaking Borders
Thu, April 28
ROMANIACS: Poetry and Music @ Cornelia
Wed, April 27
The Apocalypse According to Cioran @ PEN
Tue, April 26
Reading for Children with Ioana Nicolaie
April 25 - May 1
Mircea Cărtărescu at PEN World Voices
April 24 - May 1
Romanian literature at PEN World Voices
Fri, April 22
Sanda Weigl CD Release Party @92YTribeca
April 22 - April 30
Our School at Tribeca Film Festival
Thu, April 21
Love is Real, Real is Love
Tue, April 19
Artist Talk with Ioana Nemes
Fri, April 8
Democracy, Violence and Authoritarianism
April 6 - April 14
Disappearing Act: European films return
April 2 - April 5
Civic Resistance and State Violence
March 28 - April 15
Maramures Rugs by Cantor / Berbecaru
Mon, March 28
Book Launch& Discussion: Bogdan Suceava
March 25 - May 28
Ioana Nemes exhibition at Art in General
Thu, March 24
Cantor & Berbecaru at RCINY
March 24 - March 26
ND/NF presents Apetri's OUTBOUND
Wed, March 16
In Reading 4: Peca Stefan
Tue, March 15
In Reading 3: Matei Visniec
Wed, March 9
In Reading 2: Florina Ilis & Dan Lungu
Tue, March 8
In Reading 1: Cantemir & Budai-Deleanu
Thu, March 3
Poet Nina Cassian@Queens Library
Fri, February 11
Book launch: KOGAION, by Timotei Ursu
February 8 - February 15
Cosmin Costinas at CAA Conference
Sun, February 6
Matei Varga in concert at LPR
January 20 - January 30
Ioana Uricaru's STOPOVER at Sundance
Mon, January 10
Serbia@Europe Panel Discussion
January 8 - January 23
Moving Dialogue II: Bucharest/NYC Dance
January 7 - February 12
Mona Vatamanu& Florin Tudor's New Show
January 6 - January 17
Romanian Films at Palm Springs Film Fest
January 5 - January 18
Film Forum presents If I Want to Whistle
January 1 - July 26
January 1 - January 11
Serbia - Frequently Asked Questions
January 1 - April 3
Folk Art Treasures of Romania
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In Reading 4: Peca Stefan

WED, March 16, 7:30 pm
RCINY - The Gallery/Carturesti Book Exhibition


"Pas de deux - Drama" is preceded on March 15 by Matei Vişniec’s Decomposed Theatre

Reading the Tea Leaves - Pas de deux:
Romanian Drama Then and Now

Peca Ştefan: COMPLETELY INVENTED TRUE STORIES ABOUT THE TOWN OF BAIA MARE (Poveşti adevărate complet inventate din Baia Mare)
in a staged reading directed by Tamilla Woodard

RCINY continues its "Reading the Tea Leaves" program of performative readings with "Pas de deux," a series of events that highlight classic or established authors, in dialogue with new voices in Romanian literature.

The "Pas de deux" continues on March 16 with the young and already established playwright Peca Ştefan. His recent play Completely Invented Stories about the Town of Baia Mare (Poveşti adevărate complet inventate din Baia Mare), translated by the author, will have its first U.S. reading under the direction of Tamilla Woodard featuring actors Hugh Sinclair, Lanna Joffrey, Bill Gross, Carman Lacivita, Alexis McGuinness, Daniela Thome and musical director JR Pinna.

"Pas de deux - Drama" is preceded on March 15 by the internationally acclaimed author Matei Vişniec’s Decomposed Theatre

Completely Invented True Stories about the Town of Baia Mare
(Poveşti adevărate complet inventate din Baia Mare) is the first of a series of plays initiated by the director Ana Mărgineanu in colaboration with Peca Stefan, that comprise the project “Only the Best about Romania.” Through interviews and rigorous research each play in this series becomes a portrait of the life and spirit of a different Romanian town, and together they make an unconventional analysis of contemporary Romania.

„Baia Mare is an ex-mining town situated close to the Romanian border with Hungary (approx. 12 hour train ride from the capital Bucharest – north). For hundreds of years Baia Mare was an important source of wealth first for the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and after that for the Romanian state. Basically it was the ‘gold mine’ for these states. But not only gold was among the prime resources – also copper, led and many other non-metallic natural resources. During the communist period the intense exploitation of Baia Mare (and its dozens of mines) led to Baia Mare becoming the most polluted town in Romania. In the 20th century the gold was exhausted and therefore the other resources became the primal goal for exploitation. Today, if all the factories and mines were to be closed, it would take 50 years to remove all the negative effects of pollution. The life expectancy in this town is 53 as opposed to 70 – the national average. I wrote the play after weeks of documentation and exploration of Baia Mare. However, the result is completely invented.” - Peca Ştefan

Peca Ştefan is considered one of the most powerful voices in Romanian contemporary playwriting. He studied dramatic writing at NYU (2003-2004), was a resident of the Royal Court International Residency (2005) and CEC ArtsLink Playwright in Residence at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven (2007, 2008). His work has been presented in Romania, the United States, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Holland, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus and Serbia. His plays have won several awards, including the Heidelberg Stuckemarkt Innovation Award (2007) and London Fringe Report Award for Best Play – Relationship Drama (2006)

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