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November 24 2015
Sanda Weigl: A Capella at Joe's Pub
September 12 2015
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September 1 2015
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Sanda Weigl: A Capella at Joe's Pub

Romanian born singing sensation and perennial Joe's Pub artist, Sanda Weigl blends gypsy music, cabaret and jazz, reflecting her own life story in every moment of her vast and inventive repertoire.

This performance marks the debut of her latest JAUNT INTO MY EERIE HEART- an a cappella story revealed through ancient Romanian Gypsy songs tethered by haunting video.

Marie Pohl joins as the guest storyteller of fantastic fairy tales and translations.

As outspoken politically as she is uncompromising musically, Sanda Weigl first achieved fame as a teen-age member of Team 4, East Germany’s most popular rock band of the 1960s. After publicly denouncing communism and Russia’s invasion of Czechoslovakia, she was banned from performing and sentenced to two years in an East Berlin prison; then, expelled to the West where she was free to continue crafting her art.

Since relocating to New York in the early nineties, Sanda has performed her singular interpretations to critical acclaim throughout the United States, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Austria, Israel, The UK, her native Romania and around the world.

"To call Weigl's voice "powerful" would be an understatement. She has an impressive vocal range. Her interpretations are dramatic, even theatrical, but never "over the top"… but Weigl's purpose is not to shock, but rather to communicate the vibrant life force inherent in the music" - BBC World Music

"Sanda and the Romanian gypsy music - it is a gem that I’m glad I found. Festival-goers compared Sanda Weigl’s powerful voice to Judy Garland, Joan Baez and Edith Piaf" - Amy Warren, Ringling International Arts Festival, Sarasota,Fl


Sanda Weigl susține un recital “A Capella”, la Joe's Pub, în New York, pe 24 noiembrie 2015

Sanda Weigl va interpreta cântece românești “A Capella” și va prezenta videoclipuri cu imagini din România, la Joe's Pub, în New York, pe 24 noiembrie 2015. Fiica sa, Marie Pohl, scriitoare și actriță, va prezenta publicului traducerile versurilor, va interpreta un basm românesc, un text a lui Kafka și va recita din poeziile lui Langston Hughes.

Sanda Weigl este cunoscută pentru concertele sale în care promovează muzica tradițională românească și a minorităților care trăiesc în Romania, cât și pentru spectacolele ei dedicate unor epoci stilistice europene de mare anvergură: Jugendstil, avangardă, muzica interbelică din Paris și muzica saloanelor austriece.

November 24 at 7.30 pm at Joe's Pub

425 Lafayette Street

New York, NY 10003

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