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For more info about EUNIC USA in NY write to eunic@icrny.org or call 212-687-0180

The Romanian Cultural Institute in New York (RCINY) is member of the EUNIC USA in NY cluster

EUNIC is the network of European Union National Institutes for Culture. EUNIC creates effective partnerships and networks between EU National Institutes for Culture in order to improve and promote cultural diversity and understanding between European societies and to strengthen international dialogue and cultural cooperation with countries outside Europe.

To learn more about its members and activities, visit its webpage: http://www.eunic-online.eu/

Read Singing in harmony with others an article by Mr. Horia-Roman Patapievici, Former President of the Romanian Cultural Institute, and former President of EUNIC (2010-2011), about the EUNIC Network. The article was published in Culture Report - EUNIC yearbook 2011.


"In this age of major European unification and intercultural dialogue, all cultures communicate with one another in a way that is not unlike the instruments in a classical ‘concerto grosso’. National cultural institutes should recognise that the best way for them to present their individual cultures externally is to do it in concert with all other European cultures."

“What I have attempted at the Romanian Cultural Institute is to free Romanian artists and purveyors of culture from the obligation of having to be the representatives of official Romanian culture for Romanian institutions.”

“Today’s societies are no longer prepared to wait for their nation to provide them with a form of international expression."

“A well-functioning national cultural institute will make sure it makes the culture it is involved with visible to the society it represents.”

“One way to look at EUNIC is by comparing it with the airline alliances, such as Star Alliance and Sky Team. Each airline is independent and has its own brand, but as an alliance they come together.”

“For us as Europeans, EUNIC is a laboratory where experiments are carried out on the moral and intellectual relationships that will form the foundation of the new European identity.”

Read the full article here.

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